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We are powered with 500+ professional employees with world class infrastructure, headquartered at Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra. Our Team delivers technology-driven solutions that meet the strategic objectives of our clients.

Ram Bhojane CEO, MD ORNET Technologies Pvt. Ltd.


Directors Desk

"Intellectuals solve problems, geniuses prevent them."   Albert Einstein

Organization is a journey and never a destination, in last few years we have contributed to many business sectors including government and private organizations. Firstly I have been humbled by the incredible pride that our people take in working for ORNET. It is the people working with us and the hundreds of people who have worked with us over the past years to take this organization to a new Level. Our team tell their families, their friends and even complete strangers why ORNET is such a special company to work with.

             We spend 80% of our life at our work place and so the company culture here shapes the life experience of each team member which ultimately emerges from the company’s Vision, Mission and Values. "In every aspect of life, values are very important because values  make us sleep well. Values are what give us a clear conscience".  Values are the lens through which we make all our decisions and sets the direction for next milestone.

We firmly believe that its not the product or business strategy but solely the team’s spirit that decides the direction of future and the next milestone for the organization. ORNET is grateful to its clients for giving it opportunities to grow.

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Be a pivotal organization  in building a better country by providing world class technical and managerial contributions.


To make technical and managerial  contributions by integrating the People, Process & Technology to be a role model and tool for Administrative, Bureaucratic and Political  change in building a  better India.

  1. Ethics, Honesty & Integrity

  2. Passion For Excellence

  3. Innovation throughout

  4. Customer Focus

  5. Team Work – Great Working environment

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